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Amidst Traffic

Amidst Traffic - Matthew Kovalcik (Photographer) Do you feel as if your views on a subject have changed by reading this text? After reading this book, it has made my faith in God stronger. Knowing that no matter what he is always with me and to believe in miracles a little more. We may not see the miracle or even believe it but it has happened and will keep happening.

Did you find any flaws in the book? One of the few self-published books that the book club has read that is flawless. It is nice to know the author took the time to show pride in his work making sure it was flawless.

What are your concerns about this book? So many people will read and not understand the meaning and see how all the stories connect. So many people will read 3-4 stories and stop not realizing that the full meaning will only be revealed after reading the whole book.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.