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December 2013
reviewed: Dance For A Dead Princess
What did you like about the main character - Taylor is an easy character to like. Despite her flaws, a reader is easily capti...
Dance for A Dead Princess - Deborah Hawkins
December 2013
reviewed: For Gods and For Men (Lifeblood Saga, #1)
Did you find that the cover and title represented what the story was really about? It fit the time period and was simple enou...
For Gods and For Men (Lifeblood Saga, #1) - James R.  Johnson
December 2013
reviewed: Gabriela and The Widow
Who were the characters in the story. Gabriela was wery tall and thin. She had long dark hair, and was Mexican. She had suffe...
Gabriela and The Widow - Jack Remick
November 2013
reviewed: The Titan Drowns
What did you think of the pacing? Some parts felt slow, while others were a breeze. It wasn't consistent but it doesn't distr...
The Titan Drowns - Nhys Glover
September 2013
reviewed: The Hunter's Son (JC Mather, #1)
Consider the ending. Did you expect it or were you surprised? I was definitely surprised and I wasn't the only book club memb...
The Hunter's Son (JC Mather, #1) - B.E. Jewell
August 2013
What were the main relationships explored in this book? Serafina - Rosa / Serafina - Baron / Geraldo - Naldo - GenoveffaWhat ...
Death In Bagheria (A Serafina Florio Mystery, #3) - Susan Russo Anderson
August 2013
reviewed: How You Leave Texas
Did the book description relate to the story? The description was accurate and I'm really glad the author prepared readers fo...
How You Leave Texas - Alana Cash
July 2013
reviewed: The Kings of Charleston (Volume 1)
Summarize the book without giving away the ending. The book was about a teenage girl forced into a life of secrets. It was f...
The Kings of Charleston - Kat H. Clayton
July 2013
reviewed: The Beckoning of Beautiful Things (The Beckoning Series)
What are your concerns about this book? That the author is not going to make this a series of books. I would love to read mor...
The Beckoning of Beautiful Things - Calinda B.
July 2013
reviewed: The Book of Paul
What did you think was the most interesting part of the book? When the brothers found out about each other. It explained the...
The Book of Paul - Richard  Long
July 2013
reviewed: Be Good
Formatting / Appearance. The book was formatted and appeared to work great with my Kindle. Did not find any problems.What di...
Be Good - Dakota Madison
reviewed: Too Many Secrets (Cleo Sims Mystery #3)
What are some of the major themes of this book? Murder, mystery, greedShare a quote or two from the book. Pablo finally reali...
Too Many Secrets (Cleo Sims Mystery #3) - Lynn Osterkamp
reviewed: Refuge
Cover. The cover was great. Very mysterious, intriguing. Begged to be read.How does the setting figure into the book? The s...
Refuge - N.G. Osborne
June 2013
reviewed: Semmant
Did you like the way the story ended? Why or why not?Guess the story ended where it needed to and the story was well-develope...
Semmant - Vadim Babenko
June 2013
reviewed: The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy (The Shadow of the Unicorn Series)
Why would you recommend or not recommend this book? I recommend this book to children 9-12 years of age. I believe they will...
The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy (The Shadow of the Unicorn, #1) - Suzanne de Montigny